Jonathan Trayner and Phill Wilson-Perkin, Soulz for Me (WWCD)?! 2011, performance (5mins)

Sees a combination of the aesthetics of punk gigs, business dress and Lovecraftian quasi-religious iconography. In it Trayner, dressed in a pin-stripe suit, interacts with various items of home made audio-visual equipment manipulated by Wilson-Perkin. These include a vocoder playing an edited sound track of Trayner's own voice requesting, pleading and aggressively demanding that he be fed souls; channelling the many voices of one of the Old Dark Ones he edits, responds and plays along with this using his own voice. Along with the vocoder tube there is also a smoke machine pumping straight into the performers mouth. This results in a plume of smoke coming out every time he speaks. Cutting through this smoke are two glowing eyes that flash and change to the sounds that he produces.

This performance is accompanied by a