For the Hewers of Wood and the Drawers of Water, 2010, replica tools (steel and wood), video (22mins16secs), video (11mins29secs)

Produced in rural Rajasthan this body of work consists of replicas of a pitch-fork and bill-hook, from the German National Museum, Berlin, which were used by the Thuringian peasants during the German Peasants' War, and a film documenting their manufacture. These two traditional European farming implements vary slightly from those that are used by Indian farmers yet their shape is basically familiar. The situation of the modern Indian farmer, like the tools, may be different in detail but the mechanisms of institutionalised social control are still present.

The film of this construction process and the fluctuating relationship between the workshop owner and the blacksmith he has hired to do the job is interrupted by highly aestheticised footage of a meeting between members of a micro-finance credit union and representatives of the Bank and NGO that they work with. The companion piece to this is an interview with a Bank manager discussing his relationship with the communities with whom he works and his hopes for the future development of rural India.