Boycott Bloomberg, the first Free School publication, was produced in March 2009 in response to Michael Bloomberg's comments on the Israeli invasion of Gaza in 2008-9

The work included relates to the invasion of Gaza, the occupation of palestine, media bias, the corporate sponsorship of art, Bloomberg, art as speculative commodity, art & protest, and other associated or relevant subjects

Contributions by: Guy Allott, Oreet Ashery & Larissa Sansour, Lily Barson, Joanna Choukeir, Andrew Cooper & Dean Kenning, Antonio Cabrera, Lisa Cradduck, John Cussans, Lado Daraxvelidze & Rachael House, Arnaud Desjardin, Enda Deburaca, Eddie Farrell, Freee, Melanie Gilligan, Lee Holden, Youngmi Kim, Huw Lemmey, Paul Sakoilsky, Martin Sexton, Corinna Till, Emma Hart & Michael Wedgwood, Sam Thomson, Jonathan Trayner

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