Animals Without Names, 2010, video (14mins8secs)

Shot in Northumbria this film explores notions of autonomy and living off the land and on the economic edge of rural society. In the film discussions on the best way to catch rabbits and other animals are interspersed with a half sinister, half comic figure wandering through a de-populated landscape of rural desolation. In contrast to the conversation, which is grounded firmly in the realities of life in the countryside, the balaclava clad huntsman appears in a dream like silence.

This huntsman is a lonely figure, pathetically attempting to understand and integrate with a landscape he is irreconcilably alienated from. The title comes from an anecdote about a farm-worker's child told me by a Northumbrian school teacher; when presented with the class rabbits at the start of term the child asked 'Miss, are these the type of animals that have names?' (i.e. are they pets as opposed to livestock?).

Thanks to Tom and Sara Beels, Yvonne Riepl and James Forsyth