1 Song for Democracy/Here Comes Everybody, 2011, video (4mins31secs)

The lonely wannabe revolutionary sits in a hotel room attempting to understand through literature the reasons for his frustrations while elsewhere in a wider world events are passing him by. He is torn between a need to understand intellectually his role and to act. He reads out-loud as if to an audience in the manner of those other lonely and frustrated young men wish to document their last thoughts before engaging in some final moral outrage.

Meanwhile in the post-industrial world outside the sites of class struggle have been turned into the sites of consumption, but not because the struggle has been won. However on a misty day in mid-winter the tools for consuming the spectacle of our own existence can be used for subversive effect. The intention for all of this was to be quick, to deploy the hyper-acceleration and filmic nature of a culture that is used to sound-tracking its life and displaying its inner musings online for all to see.