Stop trying to seduce us with your visions of the past, 2009-11, 16mm film transferred to video (6mins39secs), flags, text

A multi-layered project that rotates around a central film piece. This film was shot on discontinued Kodak 16mm stock using a a Soviet-era Krasnogorsk-3 camera in a field in Brandenburg, in the background of the shot can be seen the high-modernist tower blocks of Gropiusstadt, a suburb of the old Western Sector of Berlin, placing the location in the death strip of the wall.

Naked figures march in and out of shot in the early morning light carrying seven different flags representing various strands of enlightenment thought marked with an unidentifiable symbol (in fact the floor plan of Walter Gropius' design for the Palace of the Soviets in Moscow). The soundtrack to the film is an excerpt from Carl Orff's Carmina Burana suite, a politically dubious choice considering the favour his work found with the Nazi regime; but also interesting because of the Rabelaisian nature of the original cycle of profane monastic songs and poems on which it was based.

Accompanying text